Armiger supports its strategic advisory arm by providing holistic risk management solutions to client requirements. Armiger’s mission is to assist commercial and governmental entities achieve their objectives in a secure and cost-effective fashion by reducing their exposure to risk in all theatres of operations. Armiger can provide clients with a bespoke, high-quality and responsive service based on a clear understanding of operational needs and ethical responsibilities, with a focus on optimal cost-effectiveness.

Armiger’s management team has access to highly qualified consultants drawn from high-level military, intelligence, legal and specialist security technology backgrounds with outstanding knowledge and experience, both in the field of security and the inter-relation of security and human rights. Armiger is thus able to provide a first-rate, creative, cost-effective and personal service to solve clients’ security problems from initial diagnosis to solution.

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Armiger’s Risk Management division offers:


Strategic consultancy
Security programme design


Hostile Environment risk management
Journey management planning
Crisis response
Logistics and equipment supply
Close Protection

Pathfinder Services

Pre-entry reconnaissance and liaison
Premises and services set-up
Contract and site mobilisation


Management training
Operational training
Human Rights Compliance training

Armiger Group_Risk assessment and intelligence Consultants based in London
Armiger Group Global risk assessment and Intelligence consultant in London
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