For immediate release, February 17th 2021.

Armiger is a British strategic intelligence and advisory consultancy delivering
intelligence-led, technology-driven business risk, security and crisis management

Armiger employs the very latest developments in AI technology to acquire, collate and
analyse key data and information, delivering clients high-grade commercial intelligence,
allowing the timely identification of threats to their operations wherever these may be.
Armiger has the ability to access data from the widest possible range of available
sources and platforms, which are continuously reviewed and upgraded. Together with
an international network of trusted associates, judiciously established over many years,
Armiger combines these disciplines and techniques to provide cutting-edge strategic
intelligence reports and analysis, supported by specialist information in a number of key
areas and disciplines.

Henry Jones-Davies, CEO and Founder of Armiger said: “We are excited to announce the
launch of our new website – – which reflects our growing
ambitions and an ever-increasing suite of internationally available services. Our new
identity better represents who we are, and the services and capabilities we offer
together with our international partners and associates.”